What does counselling offer?

Counselling should give you the opportunity to talk through your problems in a safe and supportive environment. It can help you to see things differently, explore options and to learn new skills. Counselling will not solve all your problems. It should however help you with the issue or issues you bring.

Can I talk about my faith, religion or spiritual experience?

Yes, certainly. These are fundamental aspects of life for many people. You are welcome to discuss them if you wish.

What should I do if I want counselling?

Click on the Contact Me page and send me an email or give me a call. I will want to know something about you and what you want to discuss. If I think it appropriate I will suggest we meet for a face-to-face appointment of about 60 minutes.

At the end of this appointment I will try to make a recommendation with regard to further work. This may involve a short series of appointments with me, or a possibly referral to another counsellor or agency that may be able to help you better. Sometimes one face-to-face meeting is all that is required and no further appointments are necessary.

What if I do not have a personal problem but need to talk about a situation in my church or at work?

I am happy to discuss problems that arise in church, at work or other places that are important to you.

What if I want to discuss someone whom I am counselling?

Supervision is an important aspect of professional work. I therefore also offer supervision and consultation for counsellors, church workers and others.

What does it cost?

Most of the appointments I offer are for 60 minutes. In these cases the people I see are free to choose their own fee from a minimum of £60 to a maximum of £100.

I sometimes offer a 90 minute appointment. In these cases people are free to choose their own fee from a minimum of £90 to a maximum of £150.

In either case, a fee of £60 is charged for appointments that are cancelled with less than 12 hours notice.

What if I want someone to speak on psychological issues at my church?

Please give me a call and let me know what you want. I may be able to help.